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About Art Preferred

A Professional Market Place for Visual Fine Artists, Photographers, Art Collectors, and Gallery Owners


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Welcome to ArtPreferred!

Whether you are an upcoming artist or simply looking to further your career as a photographer, ArtPreferred is the place for you! ArtPreferred is a convenient tool for artists like you to showcase their work, both locally and internationally, in a market accessible to anyone interested in purchasing unique works of art. Register here


At ArtPreferred, we will help you create an online portfolio that can be accessed easily by potential art collectors, gallery owners, and fellow artists. Art Preferred is an interactive website made specifically to help you network with other artists and showcase your talent to the world. Join today and establish yourself in a growing community of artists and buyers!


Here at ArtPreferred we know firsthand how difficult and tedious the process of finding the right printer quality and frame can be. This is where we step in! All you do is upload your images, select your preferences in size, matting, frame, and then, simply provide the destination! We take care of the rest Yes, it’s that simple! ArtPreferred will work tirelessly to ship your artwork to you in 3-5 business days. By selecting ArtPreferred for all your professional photo needs, you can rest assured those special moments you capture will look their finest! We are here as a powerful and convenient tool for you. Stop wasting your time searching for the perfect printer, frame store, and/or art store – save that time for art-making! ArtPreferred has it all; we work to make you happy. Best of all, we have a 30-day money back guarantee! Not happy with your order? Send it back and we will happily refund you your entire purchase price!


*Please note ArtPreferred does not reimburse shipping, ingoing or outgoing, unless the return is due to a shortcoming in quality.